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We strive to create lasting memories that you will want to watch over and over again. 
We are just as passionate about your memories as you.

We are a husband and wife team who love capturing the unexpected, intimate moments of your wedding and the start of your new life together. We fell in love and then fell into the business of filming those in love. I (Madeline) had purchased a nice camera to take photos for my online boutique but was never able to use it because Kurt immediately grabbed it from the box to "help" me. And that was the last I  saw of that camera. It was shortly after that, we had a dear friend who is a wedding photographer and had a videographer cancel on a few weddings she was shooting. She asked if we would like to get into filming weddings and we decided to give it a try. We were hooked! 

After capturing weddings over the past several years we've really come to value the unexpected, intimate moments that take place on a wedding day. The hug your mom gives you before you leave the dressing room. The tear that falls down his cheek when he sees you walking down the aisle. The way the two of you lean your heads together during toasts. This day is about more than the flowers and the shoes you chose. While those things are important as well, it's about celebrating the start of a new family and telling your love story. It's an honor to play a part in such a significant day and we hope you'll choose us to be a part of yours! 


Hi! We are Kurt and Madeline Drummond. We are a team in life and in business. We are hopeless romantics and love capturing others' love stories through film. We met on Tinder, yes we are a Tinder success story. #WeSwipedRight


We got married on June 5, 2021, so we know what it is like to be on both sides of the wedding scene. We live in Adel, IA with our German Shorthaired Pointer, Oliver and our adorable baby boy, Brooks. On a typical night, you can find Kurt with an Easy Eddy in hand and Madeline with a dirty martini. When we aren't filming or editing wedding films we are snuggled up with Brooks and Oliver watching a movie or bellied up to the bar at Texas Roadhouse. 


We absolutely love getting to know each couple we meet! Whether it is an intimate setting or the biggest party in town, we are here for it! Capturing moments that would otherwise be missed or forgotten is what we love. We want you to laugh, cry and smile over and over again each time you relive your wedding day through your film.

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Kurt has an extensive background in the music industry, having been the lead singer and lead guitarist in several bands over the years. Kurt believes music heals the soul and there’s a song for every emotion. He also believes that you should never have to change who you are for anyone else. Be you and you will attract the type of people that are supposed to be in your life. And that’s how he found Madeline. They make the perfect team in life and in business. When they are not filming you can find Kurt in sweats, or as Madeline calls them “happy pants” with an Easy Eddy in hand requesting all the pizza. While Madeline just giggles and rolls her eyes.  



Madeline has an extensive background in the performance/musical theatre industry and healthcare. She currently has a "day job" in wealth management. 
She has performed in hundreds of shows from musicals to magic shows and those skills translate to film perfectly. 

She believes in true love and that Kurt is her soul mate. Kurt makes her a better person and brings out the best in her like he brings out the best in the people he films. On a free night you can find her in happy pants, drinking a dirty martini, begging Kurt to take her to get ice cream or queso. 


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Ashley moved to the Des Moines area in 2020 from a small town in northern Iowa. She loves capturing these big life moments in a way that keeps them fresh in your mind. Her favorite part of wedding videography is hearing about the couples' unique love story and being able to capture that love on film. When she's not filming she loves to travel, spend time family, and watch Rom Coms. 



New to the team. Bio coming soon!

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